Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Killing Terrorists is now a war crime

So the big news on this day is the NBC News feed of the Marine Corps gyrene offing a wounded "insurgent" in Falluja. Well boo freaking hoo. It was the terrorists who raised the "Black Flags" last week, calling for no quarter given or offered. They made their bed, now they can sleep in it (now for a long time apparently). What are the whiny leftists crying about anyway? The Zarqawi crowd wants their 72 virgins and shaheed martyrdom, we are just giving it to them sooner rather than later. Basically, this is just another reason the mainstream media is held in contempt by the Red Staters. (See Tom Brokaw being booed at the Oklahoma-Nebraska game last weekend). Condi Rice is in at State replacing General Powell- this is great news. As long as we can ditch that jerk@ff Hagel in 2006, all will be right with the world. And finally, Arafat is STILL dead..

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