Monday, November 15, 2004

November 15

Lots to discuss these past few days! 1) Arafat is still dead. That in itself is a nice change of pace. 2) Today Colin Powell is out at State, I am hoping for Condi Rice to get the job. Having Richard Armitage in would be even worse than Powell. 3) DC United wins the MLS Cup! Can't say I was a fan this year, but it is good that not only the Republicans can win in Washington. (See Wizards, Redskins and the defunct Capitals for comparison) 4) Falluja Delenda Est. About time we kicked the cr@p out of the Islamofascists over there. Hopefully we killed more than the 1,200 being claimed. Now on to Ramadi, Tel Fajar, and Mosul. 5) On a personal note, the condo is looking sweet after all the improvements I have been doing. My good buddy Dave Eiselsberg is now engaged to a lovely woman, and Amit is back in town from Budapest for awhile. I checked out Cashions, Habana, and the Blue Room with Paulina on Saturday night- good clean American fun...

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