Thursday, August 25, 2005

I made it into the National Review...

From David Frum's blog on the NR Online site.. AUG. 24, 2005: AND STILL MORE ... In response to my Tuesday morning post: From a reader in the Air Force: (that is ME!) "Great article on the President's inability to enunciate a proper strategy and tactical speech. For a year I have bemoaned this fact with my friends. I was a Bush/Cheney precinct captain, and joined the Air Force AFTER we went to war against Saddam. No one believes in the mission more than I do. "However, why is the President seemingly incapable of stating anything more than superfluous fluff? Why can he not mention, 'We have built 1,340 schools, 27 hospitals, we have captured 22 senior Al-Queda terrorists, we are shepherding democracy'?!! "I am so frustrated with a seeming detachment from reality that the White House possesses. "Every half-way intelligent person realizes there is a huge news vacuum in August. So the White House decides to announce a "vacation" which brings 200 bored journalists to Crawford with nothing to do other than cover Cindy?!! She has gotten more press coverage than any administration figure in the last few weeks. They need to get SPECIFIC- this is how many units we have trained, this is how many weapons dumps we have discovered and destroyed, this is how many terrorists we have taken out, this is how many police and National Guard are on patrol, this is how many toys we have handed out. It is not brain surgery here- you need to give some hope to the people that progress is being made." 12:09 PM

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