Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Props to Mustang 23...

So, looks like I have hit the big time in the last week. Links to my site from two of the best milblogs, that of Castle Aargh from Jonah's guys, and from Assumption of Command. Definitely check out their sites listed on my blogroll. Only by reading the milblogs can one even remotely glean the truth as to what is happening in Iraq. Which is really a sad state of affairs, because if some of the good news got out the American public would not be so skittish, we would have a larger army, and the burden would not be so great on the brave men like Mustang 23 and those in his company. What gives me a bit of cold comfort, and unfortunately not that much, is how dire the situation was in the Revolution, the Civil War, and even in WWII. We have always had challenges, I just wish our domestic political leadership would be able to harness the power of the country in a more favorable way.

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