Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another terrorist meets Allah..

By ASSOCIATED PRESS CAIRO, Egypt A leader of an extremist Islamic group that threatened to use chemical weapons against US positions and the Iraqi government has been killed in Iraq, according to an Internet statement posted Tuesday. Al-Haj Othman, emir of the Mujahedeen of the Victorious Sect Brigades, was killed in fighting, according to the statement. No other details were available, including the time and location of his death. "He was one of the heroes of jihad and one of the knights of Iraq," the statement said. The statement claimed that Othman, 60, was one of the first mujahedeen in Iraq and a leader of the Islamic Army in Iraq, one of the largest insurgent groups. The statement, which could not be authenticated, was posted on an Islamic Web site known as a clearinghouse for militant messages. In an online statement last month, the group threatened to retaliate against US positions and the Iraqi government in Baghdad with chemical and unconventional weapons unless military operations in Tal Afar stopped within 24 hours. The US and Iraqi military had been conducting a massive operation against insurgents in that area of northwestern Iraq.

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