Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More bad news for Baby Assad in Damascus...

Bombshell: Khaddam Talks from Syria's former VP Abdel Halim Khaddam is singing. In a long interview on Al-Arabiya, only a week after Saad Hariri's devastating interview on the same station, Khaddam all but accused Bashar of being behind Hariri's murder. He confirmed all the threats made to Hariri, including one made by Bashar -- in the presence of junior officers -- and before the last meeting about the Lahoud extension (I think this is the one referred to by Hariri's former aide Nouhad Mashnouq in his interview with al-Hayat earlier in the year). This is one day after Syria's FM Sharaa denied such threats ever took place, and claimed that Hariri "made them up" in order to justify his agreement to extend Lahoud's mandate. Sharaa's remarks were loudly denounced in Beirut.You can read Kais' English summary here, and read Al-Arabiya's Arabic summary here. Khaddam focused more on Ghazaleh, but in a deceptive manner, as he clearly pointed the finger at, and implicated Bashar along the way. Notice also the comments about the Al-Madina Bank, this also after the Judge investigating the Al-Madina case was assaulted, beaten, and left for dead.

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