Monday, February 06, 2006

Why isn't Media standing with Denmark?

From Mark Levin: National Review Online "The gutless American media refuse to publish the 12 cartoons that are supposedly causing rioting in certain parts of the world. Are those cartoons not news? Besides, they're all over the Internet. As best as I can tell, but for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the American media, which claim to believe in a free press, have done nothing to show solidarity with their European colleagues, who've shown far more principle and guts and are under assault. The New York Times happily publishes NSA secrets for the enemy and the rest of the world to read, but won't run the cartoons. The Washington Post publishes a cartoon (showing a soldier without limbs) demeaning to American soldiers but also won't run the other cartoons. The Big Media in this country like to talk about a free press, the need for shield laws, and so forth. But when put to the test, as they are today, they cower. They self-censor because they don't want to be criticized by the PC crowd, despite the fact that the cartoons are being used by hate-mongers to encourage violence. The Big Media have done a lousy job reporting what’s really going on here, but they can’t run enough photos and footage of flag- and embassy- burnings without real context. 02/05 04:26 PM Where Were the Riots? Below are some cartoons that have appeared in Arab newspapers. The source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. (Go here.) Keep in mind, that there is much more of this — not just in government run Arab newspapers, but in their textbooks and other parts of their society. Al-Hayat al-Jadida, the official Palestinian Authority journal March 22, 2000 The Pope exclaimed 'Peace on Earth' while the Satanic-looking Jew calls out 'Colonies on Earth.' "In the Lebanese Daily Star in 2000, four consecutive drawings show how Sharon, with a Star of David on his lapel, becomes Hitler with a moustache, and on his lapel, a swastika. The cartoonist Jabra Stavro, born in Beirut, has won many prizes." "Blood-drinking Jews are frequently shown by Al Ahram, one of Egypt's leading dailies. On 21 April 2001, it printed a cartoon showing an Arab being put into a flatting mill by two soldiers wearing helmets with Stars of David. The Arab's blood pours out and two Jews with kippot and Stars of David on their shirts drink the blood laughingly."

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