Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Army National Guard Recruiting way UP...

Army National Guard Exceeds Recruitment Goals By Matt Margolis at 01:59 PM www.blogsforbush.com I bet the Left didn't see this coming. The Army Guard said Friday that it signed up more than 26,000 soldiers in the first five months of fiscal 2006, exceeding its target by 7 percent in its best performance in 13 years. At this pace, Guard leaders say they are confident they will reach their goal of boosting manpower from the current 336,000 to the congressionally authorized level of 350,000 by the end of the year. According to Guard leaders, the driving force behind the increase in recruitment is Guard members returning from Iraq and "reaching out to friends, old classmates and co-workers -- widening the face-to-face contacts that officials say are critical to recruiting." If things as bad in Iraq as the media and the Democrats claim, one would think Guard members coming back and engaging riends, old classmates and co-workers would have the opposite effect. I guess once again the Left have been proven wrong.

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