Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I KNEW the media was wrong on the "Iraq Civil War"!!

For the last three days Fox News, Washington Post, Reuters and other media were reporting that there were 1,300 dead at the Baghdad morgue. Supposedly from sectarian fighting in the capitol. Sounds pretty awful right? But even for me over here, how could 1,300 people be killed when there was a CURFEW for most of that time- where very few people were out on the streets. Where very few American casualties were occurring. If there was widespread shootouts where a THOUSAND people were not only wounded but KILLED, wouldn't we be seeing a ton of American casualties being caught in the crossfire?!! Well, well. Guess what: now the Washington Post runs this correction: : The reason I am willing to believe some "Iraqi politician" rather than the Washington Post because the paper, in this instance, was wrong, as they report today: "On Tuesday, the acting director of the morgue, Qais Hassan, denied that the morgue had received 1,300 bodies, according to the Reuters news agency. He said only 309 bodies had come in. However, even that figure, added to the more than 80 deaths in cities outside Baghdad reported by news media from Wednesday to Monday, exceeds the 379 deaths nationwide that Jafari cited." So, it is 10% of the total originally "reported". And even that, how many of the dead are just people who DIE every day in a city of 5 million? How many are normally killed from violence? From foreign terrorists? From an aggrieved boyfriend or robbery?!! The media can not be trusted.

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