Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well Said Mark Noonan...

Spring of Hope By Mark Noonan at 03:23 AM "What is a conservative Republican to do? We look around America today and all we see is gloom and doom - I've actually even heard tell of a GOP strategist who already considers the House lost, and the Senate teetering on the edge...that we are, in effect, merely in the two year run-up to President Hillary Clinton. It is all, of course, President Bush's fault. If only he'd done this, that or the other thing, all would be well. Forgotten in all the carping and complaining are two successful liberations, no terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11, a booming economy, two conservative Supreme Court Justices and scores of lower court judges...and, of course, those three elections we've won under President Bush's leadership. Pardon me for not packing it in and shutting off the lights on the way out. No doubt about it, things appear bad. And that is just it, they appear bad. In actuality, things are really good right now. The Polls: Man, are they bad right now. Newsweek has the President's approval rating at 36%. Good, lord, that isn't even the whole GOP base! But, then again, Newsweek had Kerry ahead in 2004 with less than a month to go...figuring GW for 46%, when he actually score 51% on election day. And that was a poll of registered voters - the latest Newsweek poll is of adults 18 and older. Missing from the demographics provided is what part of the country they called, as well as the party ID breakdown. In short, Newsweek's poll isn't all that reliable. These polls do have their affect, however: they do tend to dishearten the GOP. And that, of course, is why they are produced. Who cares what a snapshot of opinion today says? The election is 8 months away, and until then President Bush sits atop his majority vote in 2004 and no amount of MSM polling will change that - it'll take voters to make a change...and yet we are essentially being told that because of things like the Newsweek poll, that all has gone to heck in a handbasket and the GOP is doomed. People will make of them what they will - as fo rme, I've found myself pretty much uninterested in polls. As soon as a few of the early "Bush is Doomed" polls were shown to be heavily skewed towards Democrats, I figured the MSM had got itself a meme and was going to run with it until reality shows up. That reality will show up in November, and all of a sudden the MSM will never, ever mention these polls again (though they will immediately start creating new polls to show how disappointed everyone is with the GOP victory of 2006). I've really never felt better about politics than I do now, and I genuinely expect GOP victory in the Fall - I just can't see us losing to these Democrats and their absurd leftwing base. But what if we were to lose? Well, then there is always that fact that I, like all GOPers, have a other words, the roof wouldn't cave in for me if we did lose. We'd just get ready to win it all back in 2008 after everyone got a bellyfull of Speaker Pelosi. In politics, these days, to be a GOPer is to be in a "heads I win, tails you lose" position vis a vis the Democrats... even if they win, they lose. But they aren't going to win. It is a glad Spring for me, and I look forward to an entertaining Summer and a quite exciting Fall.

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