Friday, March 24, 2006

When liberals say the military are a bunch of hicks..

A recent Jacob Weisberg article denigrating the military leads to this post. It was discussed on Blackfive- the Paratrooper of Love. Here are my thoughts: Here is where I disagree with my military brothers. Instead of saying, "well, I prefer my rednecks better than you liberal twits anyway"- why not actually use statistics to prove they are WRONG! I have seen military inductee stats- the overwhelming majority of officers- close to 100% have bachelors degrees. Can you say that for the rest of the population? Many of us have advanced degrees- many of us have Juris Doctorates. Many have attended more years of school than 90% of liberals. Some of us are doctors, lawyers, businessmen. Some of us have given up lucrative careers like being journalists to join the force, others gave up athletic careers. To say that we are uneducated hicks is a way for the leftists to salve their conscience about not serving the country...

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