Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lots going on Today!!

1. The new Iraqi Government has begun to be formed. Finally after four months! Jawad Al-Maliki takes over as Prime Minister from Jaafari. President Talabani has been reelected to his prior post. Several deputies have been appointed as well. The good news is that 265 of 275 Parliament members were actually there today! Not sure they have ever had that good attendance in the past. Also, a national unity government looks likely. And the politicians are saying all the right things. I will have much more on this in the next few days. 2. The CIA leaker has been revealed as Mary McCarthy- from right in my neighborhood! I wonder if that is the SUV I have seen with a CIA tag making fun of President Bush? That would be the ultimate delicious irony if true. I hope that not only will she lose her pension, but will spend a few years behind bars. And guess what? Turns out she was a huge donor to John Kerry and the democratic party in Ohio. What a shock that is! And continuing with shocking information, she was brought in by Sandy Burger. Now we get to see how the democrats really feel about "leakers to the press." I am sure since Karl Rove was not frog marched out of the White House (guess Fitzmas is late this year!) that they are all for whistle blowers now. Hypocrisy knows no bounds. 3. The 2006 Military Bloggers conference was this morning. I watched online. It was pretty great. I will have more posts on this as well. Turning out to be a good weekend all around...

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