Friday, April 21, 2006

We need men like this in Congress...

Support Van Taylor in his run for Congress A 7th generation Texan, Van Taylor is a dedicated family man, successful businessman and a United States Marine who is committed to helping make America safer and our families more secure. Van’s always been deeply committed to serving our nation and her people. After graduating from Harvard College, Van joined the United States Marine Corps where he graduated from Infantry and Intelligence Schools and earned the privilege of leading a Reconnaissance platoon before serving as an intelligence officer. After four years of active duty, Van joined the Marine Corps reserves so he could keep serving his country, while he worked to earn a MBA from Harvard’s Business School. Van then volunteered for duty with the Marine Corps’ C Company, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion and was activated to fight in Iraq where he fought with the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company. As a Captain, Van led missions behind enemy lines for the 4500 Marine Task Force Tarawa, including the leadership of the Task Force’s first platoon to enter Iraq before the start of the main invasion. During the war to liberate Iraq, Van’s platoon encountered, and defeated, several Fedayeen ambushes, participated in the operation to rescue American P.O.W. Jessica Lynch and rescued 31 wounded men-under-fire during a counter attack by several thousand Iraqi soldiers. Van was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with “V” for Valor, the Combat Action Ribbon, and the Presidential Unit Citation.

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