Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hamas killing more Fatah- nice civil war...

Hamas Starting A Wider War After its raid on the Karni crossing yesterday, Hamas could have claimed it to be a mistake and stood down its militia. Rather than avoid a civil war in Gaza, however, Hamas expanded its attacks to include key figures of Fatah leadership, including Mahmoud Abbas, and fired rockets into Israel to create a wider war: Hamas gunmen fatally shot six bodyguards from the rival Fatah movement and fired a barrage of rockets at southern Israel Wednesday, apparently attempting to draw Israel into the fierce Palestinian infighting as the Gaza Strip slid further into chaos. ... Fighting raged close to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' heavily guarded compound, which also was targeted by Hamas mortar fire overnight. Abbas, a moderate from Fatah, was not present. Early Wednesday, Hamas gunmen fired mortars and pipe bombs at the home of Fatah security chief Rashid Abu Shbak, before storming inside and killing six bodyguards, Palestinians security and medical officials said. There can be no more pretense of working with Hamas on any solutions for peace. Even Fatah has figured that much out. Fatah's spokesman called all Hamas members "killers, from top to bottom," and told the press that they want to turn Gaza into "a new Somalia or Darfur." While the Gaza fighting lacks the ethnic tensions of either place, Hamas seems determined to make them just as chaotic and violent as both. Fatah has a tough choice. While Hamas fires rockets into Israel, it can expect the Israelis to attack the rocket-launching positions. If it joins the attack on Hamas, then Fatah will look like collaborators. If they join Hamas, they will have to knuckle under to Hamas leadership, which is now trying to kill off their own leadership. If they do nothing, they will just make themselves easy targets for Hamas. Fatah is stuck in the middle. The Gaza experiment has failed in one way, and succeeded in another. Ariel Sharon gave Gaza away without any strings and gave the Palestinians an opportunity to show they could govern themselves. They have failed spectacularly to do so, and instead have turned it into a terrorist haven for launching attacks against Israel and each other. It succeeded in showing what a joke "land for peace" always has been and the futility of granting statehood to a bunch of terrorist lunatics. Oslo failed. Wye River failed. The road map failed. All of these failed because the Palestinians want the peace of annihilation rather than the peace of coexistence. They elected Hamas to power, and they are reaping the fruits of their choice. Quit enabling these terrorists with diplomatic initiatives and aid of any kind at all until they tire of the taste of blood and come to us for peace.

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