Friday, June 22, 2007

7 fewer al qaeda in anbar province

Notorious Al-Qaeda chief killed in American military operation in Iraq BAGHDAD, June 22 (KUNA) -- American forces in Iraq have killed a leader of the banned Al-Qaeda organization in the province of Al-Anbar west of the Iraqi capital, the army said in a statement released on Friday. Hussein Awad Hawwawi, also known as Abu Thabet, was killed in a raid launched against hideouts of the insurgents in southeast of Al-Karma in Al-Anbar. The assaulting forces, targeting several buildings for the gummen, engaged in a firefight with seven armed men, killing six and wounding one. The latter was taken to hospital for treament. Al-Hawwawi was identified among the gunmen who were shot dead in the firefight, it said, adding that the American forces searched the region, found propaganda leaflets and letters congratulating him for fleeing prison, in addition to explosives, arms, hand-grenades. Nine other gunmen were also detained in the mop-up operation. The slain Qaeda leader had been involved in concections with outlaws in northern Africa. He had been held in a prison in Mosul for illegal entry into the country, but fled on March 6. The army statement confirmed that he spearheaded trafficking of 30 warriors from North Africa to Iraq and carrying out suicidal attacks in the country. KUNA 221210 Jun 07NNNN

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