Friday, June 29, 2007

Iraqis literally lining up to serve their country

Iraqis: Lining Up to Serve: Red State Rascals
If all Iraqi policeman do is get blown up by Al Qaida, then how could this be happening?“Over 1,200 Iraqi men came to Joint Security Station Yusufiyah during a three-day police recruitment drive which ended June 25. The drive which began June 23 had a goal of finding 200 qualified Iraqi Police recruits. When the drive began at 8 a.m., there were almost 200 men waiting in line to apply,” reported MNF-Iraq today. Gen. David Petraeus visited the recruitment efforts the first day and spoke to several potential recruits and encouraged them to serve their country. 577 applicants were processed the first day. Another 150 were waiting in line the second day and by mid-afternoon 361 had filled out applications and spoken with the troops coordinating the drive. Iraqis are stepping up–literally. It is time that we do the same: Support The Surge!

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