Monday, June 04, 2007

more al qaeda are killed by the good guys in iraq

7 Al-Qaida Members Killed in Iraq Posted GMT 6-3-2007 17:0:18 BAGHDAD (AP) -- US and Iraqi forces have killed seven members of Al-Qaida in Iraq and destroyed a truck bomb factory in Fallujah, the military said. A two-hour gunbattle began just after 7 am when Fallujah police came under small-arms fire and spotted two men wearing suicide vests fleeing from the scene. Marines accompanying the police returned fire, killing both militants, according to a statement. The Marines with the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment then fired at five other suspects trying to escape, killing them and causing another suicide vest to explode, the military said. The US-led forces subsequently discovered a compound with two trucks rigged as suicide bombs and more bomb-making materials, which the military said were destroyed in a controlled detonation that did not damage nearby buildings. Eight suspects were detained for questioning, the military said.

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