Monday, June 18, 2007

Palestinian video shows white hot hate in Gaza Strip

Video captures white-hot hate that is Fuelling Gaza conflict document.write Jun 17, 2007 04:30 AM Diaa Hadid Associated Press Gaza City–Women screeched in celebration and a gathering mob shouted: "Film the dog, film the dog!" as a battered body was dragged through a dusty hallway, then shot twice, ending the life of Fatah militiaman Samih Madhoun. The grisly footage appeared on militant websites yesterday, reflecting the bitter hatred fuelling the factional war that last week saw well-equipped Hamas militants rout their Fatah rivals in the Gaza Strip. The Islamist militants had longed to kill Madhoun, leader of a 1,500-member special force set up by Fatah to counter Hamas's highly motivated Executive Force fighters. The grainy, 34-second clip concludes with a large crowd kicking Madhoun's body before the camera cuts away to a masked gunman making a call to prayer. For his part, Madhoun had boasted in a radio interview of his role in kidnapping and killing Hamas members. He publicly vowed to "slaughter" more of his enemies "like sheep in the streets" after Hamas torched his house.

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