Monday, September 10, 2007

Liberal hacks insulting our four star general..

Col. Joe Repya: The Assault on General David Petraeus Today, Monday, September 10, 2007, US Army General David Petraeus, Commander of Multi National Forces – Iraq will be publicly persecuted by some members of the US Senate. Not all will join in the attacks, only those Senators more politically vicious and partisan will participate. They will be the same Senators who only months ago voted unanimously to appoint General Petraeus to run the Iraq war. Remember this is the war that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) recently told American troops and their families, “We have already lost.” That statement creates a major problem for defeatist Senate Democrats, like Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), Ted Kennedy & John Kerry (D- Massachusetts), and Hillary Clinton (D-New York), who claimed Democrats were swept into power in the election of 2006 because the American people were tired of the war. The change of strategy or “Surge” that General Petraeus developed and implemented is showing positive signs that we can actually win this struggle. Instead Democrats attack General Petraeus’ report as untruthful, misrepresenting the facts, manipulating and/or “cherry picking the numbers.” All this before General Petraeus even delivers his report to Congress.As a former soldier I find the idea of surrender in Iraq to be quite contemptible. The American people realize we must be victorious in Iraq. Unconscionably, Senate Democrats, many of the 77 Senators who voted for war authorization, now attack the very people, “OUR TROOPS”, fighting this war. Sorry to state the obvious, but General Petraeus is one of “Our Troops”. To imply that he is untruthful, misrepresents the facts, manipulates the numbers or allows intelligence reports to be “cherry picked” is an insult to all of us who currently serve, have served or will serve in Iraq. There have been many mistakes made both militarily and politically in Iraq. Our intelligence was not foolproof in March of 2003. Those with military experience know that our intelligence wasn’t accurate at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 or in December 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge. Certainly intelligence was lacking before the attack on 9-11-2001. However, Congress approved the Iraq war based on 16 separate reasons (WMD’s being only one reason). It is appalling to me that voters are so willing to accept the spin that their politicians “were duped and lied to” by President Bush. If that is true, how could any thinking educated individual ever vote again for a person so easily bamboozled?I have met General Petraeus a number of times while on active duty. I knew many of the officers who trained, mentored and molded this brave warrior. He is a brilliant tactician and our top expert on counter insurgency warfare. Questioning his integrity, for partisan political purposes, is nothing less then shameful. It is terribly troubling that at a time of war we would have elected officials so willing to perpetuate their political agendas that they would assault our military and its leaders in this manner. I only wish that these partisan politicians in Congress were held to the same ethical standards as our military.Many Democrats, pandering to their extreme anti-war interest groups, turn a blind eye to the headway that even the CBS anchor Katie Couric and the New York Times have acknowledged. You only need to look at recent headlines, the terrorist arrests in England, the Netherlands, and Germany, and Osama Bin Laden’s tape to realize that the “Surge” is forcing Al Qaeda to prove they are still relevant in Iraq. Now has called General Petraeus a traitor, an insult to all who serve in our military. Where are the Democrats denouncing the ad by week our enemies gleefully will watch this public display of political theater unfold, complete with repeated partisan attacks on a good and honorable man. General Petraeus is an impeccably honest leader and soldier, a man who has dedicated his life to the service of this great nation in time of war and peace. His family has suffered the same long and painful separations all military families have endured. Yet Senate Democrats have already questioned his honesty and others will attempt to shed him of his dignity. Meanwhile, their accomplices in the media will attempt to raise questions as to the accuracy and validity of his report and testimony. This is the shameful state of American politics today. For General Petraeus and the men and women in our military that he represents to be subjected to this circus during wartime is beyond the pale of human decency. Is there any wonder when polled that the American people claim so little faith in our Congress?

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