Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Yet another al qaeda terror cell destroyed in iraq

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq operations; three killed; 28 detained MULTI-NATIONAL FORCE-IRAQ PRESS DESK BAGHDAD, Iraq Press Release A080108b January 8, 2008 BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed three terrorists and detained 28 suspects yesterday and today during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq networks in central and northern Iraq. East of Mahmudiyah today, Coalition forces conducted an operation targeting an alleged al-Qaeda in Iraq leader for the network in Arab Jabour. The targeted individual is reportedly responsible for an attack in Hawr Rajjab in November that killed two Iraqi police members. As the ground force arrived in the area, they observed three armed men maneuvering around the target buildings. Coalition forces tracked the men to a static location and directed them to come out, but they did not comply.
The men then began to maneuver in separate directions. One of the men threw a grenade at the ground force’s position, and they engaged the hostile threat, killing him. The ground force then engaged the remaining armed men in a separate location, killing them. Upon clearing the area, Coalition forces discovered three machine guns and military style assault vests. The ground force also detained six suspected terrorists. In Baghdad, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be an associate of the al-Qaeda in Iraq media and propaganda network. The wanted individual allegedly replaced a suspect detained by Coalition forces Dec. 21, and is believed to have ties to numerous senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders in the region. Two suspected terrorists were detained in addition to the wanted individual. North of Manusuriyah, Coalition forces detained five suspects while targeting associates of the al-Qaeda in Iraq network operating in the northeast Diyala River Valley region.
As the ground force cleared the area, they discovered numerous machine guns, military style assault vests and grenades which were safely destroyed on site. During operations yesterday, Coalition forces detained 14 suspects in Baghdad and Mosul while targeting associates allegedly involved in al-Qaeda in Iraq media networks and assassination operations. “The barbaric nature of al Qaeda and their Taliban ideology is being rejected by the Iraqi people,” said Navy Capt. Vic Beck, MNF-I spokesman. “Iraqi and Coalition Forces will continue to close ranks against these terrorists, disrupting their networks and forcing them out of their safe havens and operating bases.”

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