Friday, February 01, 2008

iraqi air force continues to improve

Iraqi Air Force Training to Sustain Fleet TAJI — The Iraqi Air Force Training School has opened their classrooms to recent Iraqi Air Force warrant officer graduates in an effort to train and improve their air power capabilities. Students are participating in the Fundamentals of Aircraft Maintenance courses taught in blocks of instruction to ensure the students are comfortable with the basic instruction of aircraft maintenance. The courses included in the Fundamentals of Aircraft Maintenance are Maintenance Supervisor; Firefighter Apprentice; Aircraft Structures; Air Intelligence Operations and Aviation Fuels. “Selection of the course curriculum reflects the needs of the growing Iraqi Air Force from the ground up,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. Scott Marshall, Iraqi Air Force Training School chief air advisor of basic technical training. Classroom training coupled with hands-on training and reinforced with additional classroom training allows the students to build on to their learning ability said Marshall. “The classroom training and structure is a new environment for the students,” said Marshall. “We will have to use the students training period as an experiment until we work out the nuances.” The school has made several decisions to enhance the training currently received by the students. A member of Defense Language Institute is teaching U.S. Air Force staff instructors how to teach English as a second language to minimize the language barrier faced by instructors and students. Another decision made by school operations is to provide Quality Assurance classes to the students. The classes will prepare them for pre-maintenance inspections that are required before operating any aircraft before and after use to ensure all equipment has proper maintenance performed.

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