Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rolling up Al Qaeda assets throughout Iraq

Coalition forces destroy Al-Qaeda in Iraq safe haven, financing BAGHDAD (MNFI) – Coalition forces destroyed an al-Qaeda in Iraq safe haven when they seized money, destroyed weapons and detained nine suspected terrorists during two operations in the Tigris River Valley ending June 26. Reporting indicates al-Qaeda in Iraq operatives used the area to build car bombs, facilitate foreign terrorists and provide safe haven for key leaders. During patrols near Tikrit, about 160 kilometers north of Baghdad, Coalition forces discovered a weapons cache that included firearms, more than 3,500 rounds of ammunition and bomb components. During the two-day mission, a patrol near Samarra, about 110 kilometers north of Baghdad, located six rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The patrols also uncovered more than 6 million Iraqi Dinar, which is equal to about $5,600 U.S. dollars and detained two suspected terrorists. After moving civilians away at each location, Coalition forces safely destroyed the weapons on sites. ———————————————————————— Al-Qaeda’s propaganda network thwarted BAGHDAD (MNFI) – Coalition forces battered the terrorist propaganda network in Baghdad Saturday and Sunday, killing two terrorists and detaining 15 suspects while targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq associates around the country. Coalition forces surrounded a location in Baghdad Saturday targeting a leader of an al-Qaeda in Iraq propaganda cell. Coalition forces engaged and killed one man who drew a weapon when they entered the target building. They engaged and killed another suspected terrorist when they perceived hostile intent from his failure to follow Coalition forces’ instructions. Six suspects who fled to nearby homes were detained, including a man assessed to be the targeted leader. Using information from that operation, Coalition forces conducted several more operations in the city Sunday, confiscating propaganda materials and detaining five more suspected terrorists allegedly tied to the network. During another operation in Baghdad Saturday, Coalition forces captured a wanted man believed to conspire with AQI leaders. Coalition forces in Mosul captured a suspected AQI agent and one additional suspected terrorist Sunday. The agent is believed to have close contact with several AQI senior leaders. About 90 kilometers south in Sharqat, Coalition forces detained a suspected terrorist believed to be tied to a bombing network in the area.

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