Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Violence in Iraq down significantly, US report says

Guardian Newspaper United Kingdom Violence in Iraq has dropped considerably in recent months, as Iraqi military cooperation and a willingness among Iraqis to settle differences without violence have led to a broad decrease in civilian deaths, according to a report issued by the US military today. In a quarterly report to the US Congress, the department of defence said civilian deaths are down more than 80% from the height of sectarian violence in November 2006. Total "security incidents" have declined to the lowest level in four years, the report states. The report acknowledges that "high-profile" suicide attacks continue, but said the decreasing violence suggests the bloodshed no longer sparks rounds of ethnic recrimination. Among the causes of the drop in violence, the Pentagon credited Iraqis' rejection of terror groups' ideologies and indiscriminate violence, improving economic conditions, cooperation with the US military goals of the tribal groups called Sons of Iraq, and US and Iraqi military successes against terror group al-Qaida in Iraq. "Overall, the communal struggle for power and resources is becoming less violent," the report states. "Many Iraqis are now settling their differences through debate and the political process rather than open conflict." The report warns that in order to preserve the relative calm, the government of Iraq must co-opt the Sons of Iraq and train them in civilian jobs or incorporate them into the Iraqi military. It states that Iran "has emerged as a major security challenge", citing Iranian training and supplying of Iraqi militant groups. The improved conditions could prove a benefit to Republican president nominee John McCain, who was an early supporter of the troop surge, which he credits with improving conditions. Obama has said he is encouraged by the reduction in violence, but stresses the importance of beginning a withdrawal of US troops.


Anonymous said...

Well, McSame wins any way Neocons look at it. If violence is down, it's because his surge worked. If it goes up, well, that's more reason to stay there.

Here's a question. Is violence down from pre-invasion levels? How many suicide bombers were there in the year before the invasion? If I poison a well, and less people are dying from drinking the water 6 years after the fact, do I consider my action successful?

And what levels of violence are acceptable enough to bring our boys home? One suicide bomber per month? Per year? The truth is there is no NEOCON answer because they want to make Iraq a colony of the US. Imperialism in its most blatant, ugly form. Screw the troops- as long as Exxon is happy!

Anonymous said...

McCain doesn't love America


Lieutenant Fishman, USAFR said...

Liberal trolls not needed on my blog- feel free to cruise over to the Communist League of America or Al Qaeda websites..

Anonymous said...

Gee, what a well thought out counter argument. Remind me again, you're an attorney? Have you ever argues a case in court? Or just chase ambulances? Maybe you should submit your blog to the "Fascists Pigs of America" blog awards. Maybe they would appreciate your "na na na na na na" debating skills.

Proud Liberal

Anonymous said...

proud liberal - maybe you should submit your posts to the daily kossacks, or huff-n-puff or one of the many "true fascist" leftist sites.

They are the ones that don't allow dissent, or truth even. Futher, look at colleges; who are the fascists? = the leftist groups (with even Che idolizing professors joining in) that shut down conservatives, while they demand their assemblies and speakers be allowed - inviting all kinds of lowlife, and anti-American speakers.

The lefts wants to shut down conservative talk radio (one small media source compared to the mega sized liberal/left media network which includes cnn, nbc, msnbc, cbs, abc, npr, pbs, ny times, la times, ect.. - Do the Dimwits and leftists/fascists demand "Fairness" in all those leftist media sources? NO - only talk radio - where they can't compete, where they are exposed for what they are and what they are doing.

That, you misinformed, and if you are of age, ignorant - proud liberal, is fascism.

Anonymous said...

opps - posted that without signing right4us.