Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Speech

[Michael Rubin] From today's Iran News Round Up, and translated by Ali Alfoneh, here is Ahmadinejad's message to the "Holocaust, the Holy Lie of the West" held at Sharif University in Tehran: "A brief review of the events after World War II shows that the Holocaust issue - with the dimensions they define for it - is an excuse to continue dominance and expansion of influence of the victors, especially America and Britain in the international arena. But the important issue to which I invite the dear participants and researchers is that the result of Holocaust is not only the filthy genealogy of the Zionist regime, but has had greater implications. Today the Zionists command many centers of power, wealth and the world media and unfortunately they have enthralled many politicians and political parties. The illegal Zionist regime is one of the results of the Holocaust issue, despite the fact that many people of the world engaged in the war died, a number reaching 65 million. The power-seeking political network has demanded blood money of some victims...and have used some of this money to establish a Zionist regime in the land of Palestine, and have used this excuse to attack Palestine and by killing and displacing the people from their motherland they have occupied their mother land and established a Zionist regime, which is tasked with the job of denying an Islamic power emerging to counter the West. They do so because they consider the Islamic civilization and culture with its natural creativity as a threat to their injustice and bullying. This is the foundation and philosophy behind formation of the Zionist regime and today, those who live in the occupied lands of this regime are partly indigenous people of Palestine, and some of them immigrants from America, Asia and some from Europe. Most of them are not - even according to the Holocaust logic - war survivors. Unfortunately during the past sixty years they have not allowed anyone to question the Holocaust logic and its principle, since should this truth be revealed, there is nothing [but] the logic of Iranian democracy. The Holocaust is knitted together with liberal democracy. It is the claimants of liberal democracy who support the Holocaust logic and have sanctified it to the degree that no one dares questioning its sanctity. Breaking into and opening the safe of Holocaust is the same as cutting the life line of the Zionist regime, which also demolishes its philosophical foundation. In this way, they plunder interests and wealth of the nations and violate their freedom. They also violate humane and cultural values through networks of corruption. I ask the scholars, thinkers, the youth and dear students who are the vanguard not only to attend to the Holocaust issue, but also its effects and results and share the result of their research with the nations. Also, do not forget that the Zionist network which has created the Holocaust discourse must be made known to the nations..." Of course, the failure to make progress in diplomacy with Iran was all because of a lack of flexibility and desire on Bush's part and had absolutely nothing at all to do with the Iranian leaderships philosophy and world view. Fortunately, with Obama's election, all problems in U.S.-Iran relations have simply evaporated, and now all that's left to do is make whatever concessions are required and we can have peace in our time."

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