Friday, May 15, 2009

75% of Iraq main streets reopened

Al Sumeriya News Baghdad Operations Command reopened more than 75% of Iraq main streets which were closed due to the security deterioration. In the same context, committees formed by armed forces general commander office as well as ministries and security forces in the capital were handed over more than 14 camps that were operated by multinational forces within a gradual withdrawal plan according to the signed agreement. Imposing Law Operation spokesman Brigadier Qassem Ata clarified to Al Sabah Newspaper that reopening closed streets in Baghdad is carried out as planned by Baghdad Operations Command under the recommendation of armed forces general commander Nuri Al Maliki. All bridges in the capital have been reopened in exception for Dijla Bridge which is expected to reopen soon. Ata affirmed that handing and taking over processes are carried out gradually to avoid any security void while this mechanism is running as planned by armed forces general commander, Baghdad Operation command as well as Interior and Defense Ministries.

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