Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mobision commercial service launch in Iraq

MOBISION, the leading TV-over-mobile operator in the region has just announced the launch of its unique commercial service as of Thursday 28 May 2009. MOBISION’s signal has been broadcasting in Iraq on a test-and-fine-tune basis since August of 2008 and has found hunger for variety and choice of delivery amongst mobile video consumers. Boasting the MENA and Arab world’s largest bouquet, MOBISION broadcasts 20 of the world’s most popular satellite channels directly to its customers’ mobile devices utilizing a technology known as Digital Video Broadcast Over Handheld (DVB-H). This technology has not only been standardized as the broadcast norm in Europe, but also uses time slicing technology resulting in the notable reduction of battery consumptions. More importantly, the quality of audio and video signals is synonymous to that seen on a regular flat screen television set. The launch project’s Senior Vice President for technical affairs, Mr. Jad Attallah, also the mastermind behind the technical integration of the project, confirms that “unlike 3G or streaming technologies, a DVB-H phone from major handset manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, …, etc., can deliver up to 4 hours of viewership without the need to recharge your phone.” Mr. Andre Abi Nassif, SVP and launch team leader explains that the breakthrough accomplished should bring pride and inspire confidence in the minds of the region. With the consistent support of sister company E2M (the system’s integrator), MOBISION is the first to develop a commercial business model that is completely independent from other value chain members. “In addition to working with giants in the MicroSD card world, we utilize our home developed Mobile TV Subscription Management System (MTV-SMS) which enables the deployment of this model quickly and seamlessly either with mobile phone operators, or local terrestrial channel broadcasters anywhere. This makes the signal completely redundant, i.e.; should the phone signal fail, you will still receive your 20 channels” he asserts following months of rigorous scrutiny. Currently, MOBISION covers most of the Northern and Central areas, namely Baghdad and Kurdistan. Mr. Abi Nassif asserts that the plans to cover the Southern areas are already under execution beginning with Basra and Diwaniyah, and should be completed in the immediate coming few months. With encouraging and aggressive pricing packages already in place, a MOBISION customer will have access to 20 of the regions’ most popular channels in all major cities in Iraq ranging from news, to movies and sports. In keeping with the group’s mission of customer satisfaction, MOBISION has put in a place a call center manned specifically to address the needs of its subscribers. From anywhere in Iraq, subscribers may receive personal assistance from qualified MOBISION Customer Care Officers in English, Arabic and Kurdish by simply dialing pre-assigned dedicated short code numbers. MOBISION part of the Alsumaria Group, which has seen celebrated success in Iraq, and is currently gearing up for its much anticipated Ramadan hit programs through Alsumaria TV. The management of the parent group was noted as saying “It is an incumbent duty for the entire world to aid this nation by investing in its potential. Our specialty is media in all its disciplines. Consequently, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that entertainment reaches all Iraqis, regardless of time, on an individual choice. However, MOBISION was not created solely for the satisfaction of the end user, but with the intent to hopefully foster many families through employment in the coming few years”.

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