Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gulf investment flow to Erbil and Gulf Airways is seeking to seize the opportunities

Gulf investment flow to Erbil and Gulf Airways is seeking to seize the opportunities Translated by - [12/23/2009] The city of Erbil, the oldest inhabited city in the world and the capital of the Kurdistan region, is considered an economic weight of a region that is a mine of oil wealth in a country, struggling to enjoy security, and this is why Gulf companies invest in tourism sector which is expected to boom, including Gulf Airways Co. , one of the few operators in Erbil airport. In spite of that infrastructure of Erbil, which is the third largest city, not the same as their counterparts in some of the large Arab cities, but it is clear that they take steadily towards building a strong infrastructure of roads and electricity under normal conditions and hard terrain. In a visit by the journalists from Bahrain to experience the tourism in Erbil, sponsored by Gulf Airways , which flies directly from Bahrain to the city, it was possible to see a number of tourist attractions which are expected to qualify the city to be a tourist city that attract Gulf tourists, this city is an opportunity to Gulf airways to take advantage of the weight of the city which will increase with economic development of Iraq and the fruition of the reconstruction effort. For example, Shaqlawah which lies on the edge of the mountain city of Erbil, a city tour of first-class, it contains the old commercial streets are paved with bricks ways to remind us of the cities of the Mediterranean basin. And on aspects of this street shops offer local production and sweets , this mountainous region of Erbil famous of nut farming and confectionery of various kinds. And Shaqlawah is not the only tourist area in the city of Erbil, there is the famous historical Citadel of Erbil. The city settled a number of civilizations such as Assyrians, Persians, and Sasanian and Arab and Ottoman empires, it is clear that there were Turkish influence in the city, particularly with regard to the number of modern Turkish goods that flood to markets there. On a visit to the Citadel of Erbil, which has a height of around 415 meters above sea level and covers an area over 102 square meters, except houses which are contained in the castle and the city represented the past and that have been vacated in preparation for the development of the region or the old city, it seems clear the eastern architecture and bathrooms spread and inspired from the Turks. The organizers of the castle, seek to the inclusion of the castle within the World Heritage List adopted by the United Nations. The city of Erbil, has a high level of security compared with other countries of Iraq and this has made the city the capital to attract large conferences and exhibitions and meetings for large companies operating in Iraq.


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