Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Remember USAF Hero Marc Ficcara

From the milblog community I came across the tragic story of Sgt. Marc Ficcara. He served in USAF and after being deployed to Iraq and returning to the States came to the aid of a woman in Washington DC- and was then murdered in her defense. The crime is unsolved and there has not been much media coverage. Could you please publish on this important story? I did not personally know Marc but many in the area did- he was based at Andrews AFB. I forwarded you a message (see below) from his father who must be in tremendous pain and feeling powerless to get things moving. I know the milblog community can help bring media attention to this case!! "My name is Howard (Skip) Ficarra. Marc was my son. My wife (Edie) and I are devastated at the loss of our son, and can not understand why nothing to this date has surfaced. Not one solid lead. I have talked to the local police, and the OSI, and as of yet ....NOTHING! ....I will be speaking with them again tomarrow, and hopefully they will have some infomation for me. Its not over till its over, and I have just begun. I need all the help I can get to help solve the murder of my son. If there is anyone out there with any information, I pray they will cantact the police and the OSI. I will not rest until these punks are behind bars. Thank you Lt..Thank you for your support and prayers. Please continue to help keep this story in the headlines any way that you can. Feel free to contact me anytime at

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