Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shocker! Iran and Syria behind latest riots...

Getting Back on Subject With Iran and Syria By Mark Noonan at 03:38 AM All those riots about cartoons? Just a bunch of misdirection, as Secretary Rice notes: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday accused Syria and Iran of deliberately inciting Islamic outrage over the publication of cartoons in a string of European newspapers that mocked the prophet Muhammad. Both countries have seen violent demonstrations targeting the diplomatic missions of Denmark, where the cartoons were first published, and other European nations -- part of a string of recent angry protests across the Muslim world. Political leaders in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon have tried to tamp down the unrest, Miss Rice said, while the authoritarian regimes in Damascus and Tehran had not. "Iran and Syria have gone out of their way to inflame sentiment and to use this to their own purposes," she told reporters. "The world ought to call them on it." Syria wants to get off the subject of Lebanese assasinations. Iran wants to get off the subject of nuclear weapons. Generic Islamo-fascists want to continue to fan the flames of hatred as the pool of willing suicide-dupes starts to dry up in Iraq...I've read stories that the cartoons, themselves, where honed and added to in an effort to make them even more offensive to Moslem sensibilities. In other words, what we've got here is a gigantic set-up engineered by our enemies in the War on Terrorism, and we have to stop playing their game. There must be no hand-wringing over these protests - they aren't, after all, real protests. They are street theater organized by our enemies to grap the attention of western media and give the impression, throughout the world, that the Moslem world is uniformly outraged by a few cartoons. Step back and think for a second and you instantly realise that human beings don't get this worked up over drawings...but people with a politico-military agenda will orchestrate things to make it seem as they wish it to be. This is nothing - and now lets get back to the subject of Iran's nuclear ambitions and Syria's murderous ways in Lebanon.

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