Monday, April 09, 2007

Good News from Iraq..

This is an interesting article if you look at the particulars. Notice how it is the IRAQI ARMY which calls in coalition airstrikes to destroy rogue militia members. This indicates vast improvements in the IA and very good cooperation/integration between the ISF and coalition airpower. I haven't seen an example of this in the past- clearly every day that passes the IA becomes stronger and more professional under our tutelage. Multi-National Division – Baghdad PAOFOB KALSU, Iraq — "Fixed wing aircraft conducted an air strike against armed militia men in Diwaniyah April 7. Iraqi Army and Coalition forces as part of Operation Black Eagle used a strategic air strike to defend against illegally armed militia men using shoulderfired rocket propelled grenades. IA personnel were informed by local residents, through a tip line, of militia men employing RPGs in the area. IA made positive identification of the militia men and called for the air strike. The incident highlights the growing confidence the people of Diwaniyah are having with the Iraqi Security Force as seen in this indication of popular support through use of the local tip line."

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