Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New irtn station up and running in diyala province

All Americans need to go to this website and help out our comrades fighting with their lives for our victory. The tide is turning- now we can help out in tangible ways by supporting IRTN financially. PREMIERING ON IRTN Diyala http://www.irtniraq.com/ Written by Web Manager When Shias and Sunnis in war-torn Iraq Talk about love, culture and family traditions everyone finds… A new radio & television program premiering March 25, 2007 on IRTN Diyala. Synopsis: These four Iraqis are best friends. They are Muslims. Two are Sunni and two are Shia. In each episode they share stories about their childhood. They talk about family traditions and special meals they enjoy during Ramadan. They dream together, laugh together and long for a better Iraq…together. This 60-minute show features four friends talking about their lives as they sit, share and listen to each other from two living room sofas. Each show includes several cut-away video clips where they turn on the car radio and dance together or start a campfire and have a Chai tea party. In the first show they challenge each other to a soccer match to prove once and for all who plays soccer better: Sunnis or Shias. Conversation, laughter and compassion: you’ll find them all on…COMMON GROUND.

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